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The TDC's Fundraising Projects


eTeamSponsor allow our players to reach potential supporters anywhere in the world through automated email, social media and mobile text message campaigns. Supporters can then donate securely online, by check or by phone and ALL donors receive an immediate tax-deductible receipt on behalf of the organization. One of our most successful fundraisers, this has allowed us to benefit the program with purchases such as blocking sleds and turf for our training room.


Mulch Spreading

Working in tandem with the CVHS PTA & Project Graduation’s annual bagged Mulch Sale, the TDC organizes current football players to spread the Mulch for local homeowners and business.  100% of ALL proceeds go directly to support the CVHS Football Program.

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Football Schedule Card Blitz

Every AUGUST,  the COACHES hold this fundraiser.  It is completely separate from the TDC fundraisers.  After one Saturday practice, players are asked to walk local neighborhoods and sell Schedule Cards.  The Cards list the upcoming schedule for the Freshman, JV & Varsity Football Teams *AND* include local discount coupons to local businesses.  The funds are used for equipment needs such as refurbishing helmets, replacing old & worn equipment and obtaining uniforms as necessary.

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